TR 10

  • Autonomous work system.
  • Control panel with temperature selector and configuration of editable programs.
  • Automatic water filling (precise water connection).
  • Sensor for bag entry detection.
  • Programmable entry times – immersion – ejection.
  • Submersible and easily removable conveyor belt.
  • Independent cycle operation, can be adapted to any vacuum packing machine with automatic discharge.
  • Construction 100×100 in stainless steel Aisi304.
  • Airtight electrical panel. Components of leading brands.
  • Heating of the water by means of electrical resistances or connection to steam supply.
  • Possibility of manufacturing the machine with the two built-in water heating systems.
  • Rapid water extraction (tap 2 “).
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Minimum maintenance. 

Data sheet

Outside dimensions: 1420 x 1050 x 1800 mm

Interior dimensions: 1145 x 600 x 418 mm

Immersion depth: 300 mm

Electrical connection: 380V 3F (220V)

Pneumatic connection: 6 bar

Power: 33 Kw


    • Flat inner tray for manual operation.
    • Heating of water by resistance or by steam.
    • Steam extractor.