Side Sealing – Top Film

Reepack ReeFlow 250 machines are built in stainless steel and are ideal for operating in the most aggressive environments – typical of the food industry. Working with a draw system, they are designed specifically for simple cleaning and sanitation.
Reepack machines are equipped with the most efficient drive and drive systems and can meet the different packaging and productivity requirements. Asynchronous motors controlled by inverters, stepless motors or brushless motors together control all the different movements and synchronizations between the input shaping tape, the film unwinding and the sealing system, until the delivery of the packaged product. Reepack flow wrap machines have an ergonomic design, HMI and push buttons have been installed to provide the simplest interface.
All machines have a color touch screen to configure all parameters and save up to 50 different customized programs. The system is protected by 4 levels of access, each with a key.
In the “top” of “T” version is the mounting position of the film roll. The final result is a container with 3 SEALED with a LOWER longitudinal weld.