Result of a synergistic R & D activity between Italy and Germany, the latest Reepack ReeFlow 4S flow machine presents an innovative packaging system. ReeFlow 4S presents a unique way to process different products and its four sides sealing technology allow to achieve new levels of productivity revolutionizing the concept of fresh products packaged in modified atmosphere.

• Minimum use and waste of packaging materials • High reduction of gas consumption (in the MAP) • Can be connected with large professional industrial automation • Easy-to-use adjustments to adjust packages of output sizes • High production (up to 200 pieces / min) • Exit from duplicate map production • Sliced ​​products in one line • Does not take up much space • Ideal for individual servings • Profitable daily activity • Rapid cleaning and maintenance

• The ultimate packaging solution for ready-to-slice foods! • Many different tastes according to your convenience • Easy opening cut • Quick to use and eliminate • Healthy take-away solution • Eco-friendly and low-cost packages • Sustainable package-product ratio