RV 450 FL

Vacuum machine designed for the packaging of difficult products, characterized by the special length or width that requires the use of non-standard bags. This is an excellent solution for the packaging of small / medium size bags whose flat cover allows a reduction of the volume to be evacuated and a proportional increase in the speed of the cycle.

Data sheet

Camera width: 1020mm / Camera length: 345 mm

Camera height: 120 mm / Length of the sealing bar: 1 x 350 mm / 1 x 960 mm

Vacuum Pump: 60 m3 / h / Power: 3 / N / PE 400 VAC 50Hz (Different ways to consult.)

Power consumption: 2250 W / Width of the machine: 1110 mm

Machine length: 500 mm / Machine height: 1000 mm

Approximate weight: 175 Kg


Plastic filler tables (Standard) / Quick vacuum stop (Standard)

Special Seam Seal (Standard) / Soft-Air (Standard)

Protective gas injection (Gas Flushing) / Off-machine vacuum system

Liquid filter / Inclined stainless steel support