RV 200

The RV200 model is a medium-sized vacuum chamber packaging machine for vacuum bags. The dimensions of the vacuum chamber as a tabletop machine allow the RV200 model to be highly flexible and adapt to the dimensions of the food product. The machine can be supplied with mobile support with wheels for easy movement all over the place. A gas injection device (M.A.P.) can be installed in the machine.

Data sheet

Camera width: 510mm / Camera length: 490 mm

Chamber height: 490 mm / Length of sealing bar: 500 mm

Vacuum Pump: 20 m3 / h / Power: 1 / N / PE 230 VAC50Hz (Different types according to requirement)

Power consumption: 1200 W / Machine width: 600 mm

Machine length: 630 mm / Machine height: 480 mm

Approximate weight: 75 Kg


Plastic filler tables (Standard) / Quick vacuum stop (Standard)

Special Seam Seal (Standard) / Soft-Air (Standard)

Protective gas injection (Gas Flushing) / Off-machine vacuum system

Liquid filter / Inclined stainless steel support