ReeForm T55

The models of thermoforming machines “E” and “T” are innovations that Reepack has achieved after several years of experience in this field. The frames of the machines and the plate of its structure are made of stainless steel for greater health and easy washing. An easily accessible cabinet allows to check all parts of the machines, easily carry out any adjustment or change in the operation of the machine. All systems are distributed separately and protected from any aggression.
The control panel is easy to use when the operators have to enter the data with great ease in all the parameters of configuration and registration of the different programs. Freely programmable result of movements with a maximum of flexibility with respect to different formats and products. Several peripheral equipment of different characteristics can be added to these machines to meet any technical or packaging requirements.

Data sheet

Machine check: As configured / Machine width: As configured

Machine height: As configured / Advance length: 200 to 420 mm

Thermoformed bottom film: From 440 to 560 mm (Standard) / Skillful working area: As configured

Free positions: As configured / Thermoformed depth: Max. 130 mm / Option 150 mm

Machine cycles: From 8 to 12 cycles / min. * / Air pressure: 6 – 10 bar (1000 – 2000 Nl / min.)

Electric power: 12 – 22 Kw / Water consumption: 80 – 120 L / h – 1,5 – 2,5 bar (18 – 22 ° C)

Packaging protection type: IP 65 / Weight: 2000 – 3000 Kg