ReeFlow 250 PMT

The ReeFlow 250PMT is characterized by: – Mounting device for top reel with a maximum film width of 650 mm (manually adjustable); System No product-No bag (with photocell) – Longitudinal sealing station with 2 pairs of Teflon-coated sealing rollers – A pair of edge bender rollers for the lower sealed strip – Planetary Movement System (Reepack Patent) with transverse sealing and cutting with Teflon coated jaws – Discharge of the product through 800 mm automatic flat belt – Siemens Simotion PLC with control panel 8 “with color touch screen – motorization with 5 axis brushless servo motors

Data sheet

Position of the film reel: Bottom / Position of the longitudinal seal: Top

Cross sealing system: Rotary movement / Machine dimensions: 3180 x 1460 x H7150 mm

Length of the output ribbon: 770 mm / Power supply: 400V 3 / N / PE 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: até 16 Kw / Compressed air: 6 bar – 16 NL (per cycle)

Width of the bag: Até 250 mm / Bag length: Até 600 mm

Maximum product height: 100 mm / Seal width: 15 mm

Human Interface: Painel touch-screen 8 “de cor



Fixed / Adjustable shaping mold

Printed film

Gas injection system

Different textures / sealing width

Zig-Zag cutting for easy opening

Euro / Circular hole