DT 100

The new Reepack generation drying tunnels ensure that the shrink packets are completely dry before further processing, such as labeling and boxing
The DT 100 model is characterized by:
– AISI304 stainless steel frame
– Full IP65 grade stainless steel protection
– Control with PLC with 10 programs
– 2 upper air curtains that adapt automatically to the shape and dimension of the product
– 1 air curtain lower than the outlet for final drying
– Automatic product loading and unloading

Data sheet

Bandwidth: 740 mm / Conveyor belt Height: 880 mm

Power supply: 3 / N / PE400V AC 50 Hz / Power consumption: 18 Kw

Total dimension: 1600 x 1490 x H1770 mm / Max product height: 300 mm