DC 860

This machine equipped with a double vacuum chamber achieves a high performance, having the possibility of preparing in a camera bags with product during the vacuum process in the other chamber. Parallel sealing bars allow the placement of multiple small or medium-size or large-sized bags for bulk products. The machines are equipped with pumps of 200mc / h / 300mc / h The machine could be included in a design with conveyor belt or hot water tank for shrink bags.

Data sheet

Vacuum Chamber: 860 x 840 x H255 mm / Distance between sealing bars: 838 mm

Length of the sealing bar: 880 mm / Vacuum pump: 200 m3 / h / 300 m3 / h

Power: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz / Power consumption: 10 Kw / 48A

Weight: Ca. 955Kg / Dimensions of the machine: 2108 x 1295 x 1219 mm


Gas injection (MAP) / Cover with automatic movement

Faca film cut / Bi-active sealing