BT 1350

Machine for industrial use, equipped with an automatic conveyor belt to load the product in a bag directly into the vacuum chamber. A load-free area allows the placement of small to large bags both on one side and on the opposite side, depending on the design of the sealing bars. You can use a wide range of bags of different quality and thickness, and in case of retractable bags the machine can be fixed in line with an automatic hot water tank and finally an automatic dryer tunnel. Large vacuum pump systems with additional root (root) vacuum pump can be supplied with the machine to achieve better performance.
Vacuum chamber dimensions: 1350 x 800 x H250 mm

Data sheet

Dimensions of the vacuum chamber: 1350 x 800 x H. 250 mm / Useful height of the camera: 250 mm

Distances between sealing bars: 800 mm / Length of sealing bar: 2 x 1350 mm

Bi-Active / Height of the entry belt: 900 mm

Vacuum pump: 300 m3 / h – 300 + 300 m3 / h / Power: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz

Power consumption: Up to 16Kw / Air pressure: Ca. 30 Nl / cy

Machine weight: Ca. 1130 Kg / Overall machine dimension: 3670 x 1300 x H1950 mm

Control by PLC with 15 programs: Touch screen


Roots vacuum unit: 500 – 1000 m3 / h / Corrugated belt

Pneumatic leftover cutter / Leftover cutter with sclera cutter

Bag grip mechanism internal to the camera / Highest camera