Automatic belt Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum packaging machines designed to achieve the best conservation inside flexible bags made of shrinkable material, multilayer or coated aluminum. It is possible to vacuum pack: loin, ham, bacon, poultry, fish, cheese, pasta and other special foods. The structure, the work table and the camera are made of stainless steel. Useful dimensions:

BT1000DL 1000x800x250h
BT1350DL 1350x800x250h
    • PLC micro control with 15 recordable programs
    • Digital control of vacuum and sealing temperature
    • Bi-active sealing. The sealing mechanism mounted on the sealing bar ensures a perfect seal that can withstand autoclave sterilization
    • The models are equipped with two sealing groups, placed on the longer sides, independently usable; S and L models only have a frontal sealing system
    • A pre-sealing phase is used to remove irregularities or fluids from the sealing area. When using thick or special bags, it is possible to have additional pressure in the sealing bar with the help of compressed air
    • Pneumatic movement of the camera with hydraulic safety brake
    • Pneumatic movement of the feeding guides • Feed belt with electronically adjustable speed
    • Air consumption: 30 I. per cycle; pressure 6 BAR
    • The suggested external vacuum pump guarantees a maximum vacuum of 99.9%; possibility of achieving a speed of 3 cycles for two minutes, depending on the working conditions and dimensions of the pump
    • A higher speed can be achieved with the use of an additional vacuum pump Root (Roots) of 1000m3/h